The RFID lock CAPTURA is the latest and smallest lock in the broad LEHMANN portfolio of electronic locks. This compact lock, which supports the widely used MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire® technology, is the ideal solution for lockers, office furniture, hotel furnishing, educational institutions and much more. Regardless of cabinet type, CAPTURA is easy to install thanks to it’s symmetrical design and locking pins which automatically compensate for installation tolerances. A very important advantage is the installation card, which can be used to operate the lock as well as all other Lehmann RFID systems throughout the entire logistics chain, for example to check basic functions.

CAPTURA has an integrated RFID antenna, which eliminates the need to install a separate RFID reader. For wooden and HPL doors, the lock allows the implementation of flat fronts. An external component is only necessary on metallic surfaces. Like all Lehmann RFID systems, the CAPTURA also has a two-stage battery warning, which ensures the smooth use of the lock, which is completely invisible from the cabinet exterior. The acoustic warning – and an optical warning with the optional lightpoint – is given at regular intervals and before each closing process. In the second stage of the battery warning, the lock that is operated with a CR123A battery can then no longer be locked – the battery must be replaced for further use.

The added value of the new RFID solution includes the optional ejector pin, which is attached to the locking pin. This ensures convenience for the user, because when the lock is opened with an authorized transponder, the door is pushed open slightly thanks to the ejector mechanism. This means that when entering a changing area e.g. in fitness studios with lockers in shared use mode, the open doors show at a glance which lockers are available.

In addition to acoustic signals, the optional lightpoint offers extra convenience by transmitting optical signals. It is inserted in the center behind the lock via a tiny hole in the door. The cover for mounting on metal surfaces is also equipped with a lightpoint.

Like for all LEHMANN RFID systems, CAPTURA is activated and configured either with the Lehmann master card and the programming cards or with the Lehmann Management Software LMS. The Lehmann Management Software LMS offers an efficient solution for the management of transponders and RFID locks. Based on a simple matrix and list format, authorizations can be assigned quickly and RFID systems can be configured easily.


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