Furniture Future Forum

LEHMANN has been a network partner at Furniture Future Forum since 2019. Furniture Future Forum is a network of several well-known companies from the furniture supply industry. The network was founded to identify industry-relevant trends at an early stage and to discuss them with the network partners.

Within the network, top-class events take place at regular intervals, to which customers from the furniture industry, the furniture supplier industry, material manufacturers, as well as interior designers, furniture designers and manufacturers are invited.

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The COLORNETWORK thinks color sustainably for the first time and makes products transparent for the planner.

As a "smart & sustainable tool for interior design, furniture and architecture", the COLORNETWORK will open up completely new planning reliability for the interior design industry from 2020. Not only will the colors selected by the changing experts have long-term validity and thus be thought of as sustainable, but the network partners will also commit to a "sustainability statement" for their product, which will make the product, its origin and future transparent for planners, furnishers and builders for the first time. LEHMANN has been a network partner in the COLORNETWORK since 2022.

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The GoBright platform offers Smart Workplace Solutions for Room Booking and Desk Booking, Visitor Registration and Digital Signage that fit together perfectly and are easy to use. The solutions support collaboration and communication in a flexible working environment. It’s not only possible to find and book your ideal workplace, but also a safe and secure locker nearby. Check the availability via the Portal, App, Mapping, Microsoft Teams, or Outlook. Every action is automatically visible on all parts of the smart platform. Gain insights into your office’s occupancy and make strategic choices for your future proof office.

Video: A day at the office with GoBright

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