Safety is no accident!

Beware! Shifting center of gravity

The laws of physics cannot be denied: they apply to furniture, too. To ensure the safety and stability of furniture, it is essential to prevent an excessive shift of the center of gravity of a piece of fur- niture. In modern drawer storage units, the use of larger drawers with higher loading capacity has increased the risk of instability which leads to furniture tipovers – with potentially fatal consequences. Due to the leverage effect, opening several drawers of a dresser can quickly cause a shift in the center of gravity to an extent that it takes very little to trigger a chest of drawers or dresser to topple over.


A chest of drawers is designed in such a way that it stands securely when one drawer is opened without excessive force being applied.
Stability is lost if several or even all drawers are open at the same time. This can be due to absent-mindedness, haste or by a child interacting with the dresser. These situations can result in a tipover.
Children can open several drawers to use them as a step ladder, causing a tipover. Stopping more than one drawer opening prevents accidents.


SVS Interlock: The efficient way to minimize furniture tipovers

SVS is the effective and economical interlock solution which minimizes risk of furniture tipovers by preventing more than one drawer from being opened at any given time.
It is the safe, easy to install and economic interlock solution for all storage units with drawers. SVS is supplied as a fully-configured, one-piece interlock bar which can be installed into your cabinet in a matter of moments. The only other part required is a peg to activate the interlock, which you fit to each drawer.
You can rely on our specialists to recommend the right technical solution for you based on your application!


Maximum flexibility – freedom to choose

The SVS system adapts to the piece of furniture – and not the other way round. No matter whether you are planning on three or six drawers – everything is possible. SVS also adapts to your choice of drawers and drawer slide. Even the installation method and position is your choice – you can fit SVS on the left, the right, on both sides or at the back of a unit to further enhance safety.


SVS with central lock security

Secure valuables, personal belongings or confidential documents safely!
We offer locking function for SVS Interlock in three different security levels:

• mechanical cylinder lock and key.
• as a dial lock which the user can easily programme with their personal code.
• electronic and remote control.


What is the value of safety? It is priceless!

The value of safety is priceless – but that doesn’t mean that SVS Interlock is expensive. Quite the opposite. SVS Interlock offers you priceless safety at a surprisingly economical price.


Secure multiple drawers with just one lock? No problem, with the interlock systems from LEHMANN. These systems offer interlock anti-tilt security for drawers-prevention of simultaneous opening of several drawers, as it is required for office pedestals or lateral file-cabinets.

  • Central locking bar – simple principle for locking multiple drawers
  • SVS3 – interlock system with anti-tilt function
  • Simultan Stop - central locking with anti-tilt function for sophisticated demands

Anti-tilt Systems to reduce the risk of drawer
units tipping over

One would assume that home furniture is not dangerous and that furniture in your
home is not a source of serious injury. Unfortunately, this is often not the
case. Again and again there are reports of people being injured – sometimes
fatally – in their own homes by drawer units tipping over. Children are
especially at risk. This raises the question of whether an advisory note
warning of the possible danger or recommending adequate fixation to the wall is
sufficient – especially as there are technical solutions which can
significantly improve the stability of drawer units.


Anti-tilt Systems significantly improve safety of drawer units


The scenario is shocking, indeed horrifying: playing children (inquisitive and adventurous by nature) who open one drawer after another of a drawer unit… or use open drawers as a step ladder to explore the top of the unit or see the world from a different viewpoint. This can lead to a heavily laden  drawer unit tipping over and – in the worst case – burying the child underneath it. Of course it can be argued that playing children should be supervised, but the reality is that children cannot be supervised permanently around the clock – and we all know it.



Constructive counter-measures with anti-tilt-system

In The office furniture industry has long been aware of the risk of tipping cabinets
and for decades has installed anti-tilt systems as a standard feature to
minimize the danger to office workers. Initially, simple anti-tilt devices
where used to prevent multiple drawers being opened one after the other,
however these devices were not entirely fool-proof and it was possible to override
them by opening drawers simultaneously. With the introduction of SVS3, LEHMANN
introduced interlock anti-tilt security, effectively preventing simultaneous
opening of drawers and perfecting anti-tilt security.


What are the benefits of the SVS3 anti-tilt system?

If only one drawer can be opened at a time instead of all drawers, then it is the weight of one drawer only which can cause a drawer unit to tip. Furthermore, the weight of the closed drawers stabilizes the entire cabinet, an obvious improvement to a drawer unit which can be de-stabilized by opening all drawers. SVS3 can also be fitted with a central lock to lock all drawers and completely prevent access.

Anti-tilt Systems: how much is child security worth

SVS3 of course adds some cost to a drawer unit; however, due to large-scale production volume and efficient production processes, the cost is acceptable in comparison with the benefits of the system. SVS3 can also be customized to suit the individual cabinet specification and LEHMANN offer technical support service (based on exchange of CAD data) to assist furniture manufacturers integrate SVS3 into their drawer units.