LEHMANN Management Software LMS

Easy. Flexible. Secure

The LEHMANN Management Software LMS provides you:

  • intuitive management of access rights
  • a simple configuration of the LEHMANN RFID systems
  • a reduction of the administrative burden

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LMS 2.0 For new installations from July 2023 onwards. The LEHMANN Data Transfer App Vers. 2.x is required. Firmware 2.x on RFID systems is recommended.

LMS 1.5 For use in existing projects.

App LEHMANN Data Transfer:

The LEHMANN Management Software LMS is a software based on Windows® for assigning and managing access rights as well as for configuring the LEHMANN RFID systems. For example, define the operating mode (fixed assignment or free cabinet selection) for the individual RFID systems in your company and define the individual authorizations for your employees.

Permissions are presented in a user-friendly manner in a matrix view or in a list view. Due to the possibility of grouping, the authorizations can be assigned and also withdrawn not only for individual persons but also for a large number of transponders and / or RFID systems at the same time by a mouse click.

LMS users benefit from the intuitive handling and menu navigation. If required, assistant functions in the software support the LMS user by assigning new transponders or RFID systems. LMS users (e.g. facility or security managers) benefit from numerous functions for more efficient work and therefore time and cost savings.

The LEHMANN RFID systems offer you in conjunction with the LMS software a maximum security. For example, a lost transponder can easily be replaced with just a few mouse clicks. The lost or possibly stolen transponder is blocked at the previously authorized RFID systems. If required, a logging function can also be activated in the software that records activities at the RFID systems. Of course, in addition to the corresponding deletion functions of personal data, the software also offers further technical and organizational measures to enable the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to be implemented. The software is installed by the customer within their IT infrastructure, which means that all data remains in its responsibility.

Due to the modularity, the software can be optimally adapted to your requirements. As your business grows, the software with the RFID systems grows for optimal security. The software offers flexible application options for companies of all sizes: whether a single-user solution for smaller projects, or a company-wide network solution with several LMS users.

The data transfer from the software to the RFID systems does not take place with an expensive programming device! Initializing the RFID systems and configuration changes are performed with the LEHMANN Data Transfer app on an NFC-enabled smartphone (Android 4.4 and higher). Authorization changes can be written directly to the transponders using a USB desktop reader.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Reduction of administrative costs through more efficient work
  • Simplified administration of user permissions
  • Increased security
  • Future-proof through a modular structure


Required components and technical requirements

Required components

  • Licence key for the activation of LMS
  • USB desktop reader for the data transfer between LMS and the smartphone or transponder
  • App LEHMANN Data Transfer on an Android-based and NFC-enabled smartphone for data exchange between software and RFID systems
  • LEHMANN MIFARE® RFID systems L033 with firmware 0.1.79 or higher as well as MIFARE® DESFire® transponer with min. 4k storage
  • LEHMANN LEGIC RFID systems L043 with firmware 1.0.8 or higher as well as LEGIC advant transponders with LEGIC Access and LEGIC Data segments with 832 bytes for the usage of LMS

Attention: Third-party transponders must be checked in advance for compatibility and range.


Technical specifications


  • 64 Bit Windows (Win7 / Win8 / Win10)
  • 4 GB RAM
  • USB port for USB desktop reader
  • Processor + memory: see Microsoft list for Windows7


  • 64 Bit Windows (Win7 / Win8 / Win10)
  • 4 GB RAM

Resetting LMS License Keys

Here you have the possibility to reset an already used license key in order to use it for a new  workstation (e.g. when changing employees, exchanging the laptop / PC etc.).

Enter the license key you want to reset in the first field. Please enter the reason for the reset in the second field. Then click on "Deactivate".

Please note the terms of use: Each purchased license may only be used on one laptop / PC.